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We want to collect and enrich stories of northern culture using
digital technology.

Supporting creative industries to bring culture to a wider audience
NORTHWORD NI Celebrating Oral traditions, Folklore, Myths & Legends,
Natural &, Cultural heritage, Crafts, Community, Identity and Memories
Northword Creatives Collage NORTHWORD NI Learn more about the creative practitioners funded and their
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We Need Your Stories!

Stories shape the world we live in! Stories are a means of sharing and interpreting experiences. They enrich our lives and help form our understanding of the world. Stories connect communities. They carry traditions, values, learning, knowledge, identity, cultural and natural heritage understandings.

Stories can range from factual retellings to dramatic interpretations of events. Folklore, myths and legends help encompass and enhance our cultural understandings and pass traditions to new generations.

Story is found in all forms of human creativity, art and entertainment, including, speech, literature, theatre, music and song, comics, journalism, marketing, film, television, radio and video games.

Northern Ireland is full of communities and stories. Stories that celebrate the diversity and range of cultural heritage. 

The Northword project wants to collect your stories and celebrate their role in the modern world using digital technology.

We invite you to submit a story, an image, a memory, an object or something that encapsulates any aspect of cultural or natural heritage. 

Types of Story

We are interested in stories of all forms, shapes and sizes. A story can be told in traditional form as written word. It can also be a picture or an object with a story behind it. A learned craft, food or an ingredient used in a particular dish. A location can be a story or part of an experience to be shared.

We are looking for you to share any of these things as long as they are relevant to the culture of Northern Ireland and the wider culture of the northern region of Europe.

Spoken or Written

Oral traditions are a characteristic of many communities and have been used to entertain, learn and pass traditions between generations. Spoken word also caries voice and dialect giving them special resonance and power.

Pictures & Images

Pictures can tell their own stories and convey deep information about emotions and events. Pictures can be enhanced through captions and context to evoke a memory, a place or a period of time. 

Objects & Things

Objects can hold special importance to family, tradition and cultural heritage. They can be handed down through generations along with the story and connections to people and the past.


Landscape and the environment, whether natural or built, are powerful sources of stories, myths and legends.  People are inextricably connected with places and environments.  Landscape, places and buildings often serve as the inspiration for stories.

What We Do With Stories

The Storytagging project and Northword brand is developing a digital platform to present stories that celebrate northern cultural heritage. Stories and submissions will be tagged and made available via a mobile application for Android and iOS devices. The application will allow users to access, interact and upload new stories to the project.

A curated selection of stories will be enriched with a variety of digital multimedia through a series of partnerships with local creative practitioners. These stories will be utilized to enhance or develop new products in craft, digital marketing and tourism sectors.

Click the button to submit a story of get in touch for further information.

About the project

Storytagging is funded by the Northern Periphery & Arctic Programme 2014-2020. The project is led by Robert Gordon University Orkney. The project area spans Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland & Russia

The StoryTagging project combines traditional storytelling with modern technologies to help increase the visibility and market reach of creative practitioners working in remote areas.

The project will develop a digital platform (both a website and Apple and Android apps) that will allow creatives to harness those stories that make Northern regions distinct: place, identity & community; folklore; cultural heritage; landscape & natural heritage.

Northword is the brand name that will be adopted for the digital platform.